Good Health Foods


Good Health Foods Ltd. is a company founded on the principles of uncompromising quality coupled with the efficient production of healthy food. These values date back to the foundation of the original manufacturing and packaging company by Carmelo Cini in 1927. They are as important today as they were then.

Carmelo believed that healthy nutrition depended on high quality ingredients from impeccable sources. Our founder instilled these core principles into his son and most recently his grandson. Each generation has brought renewed energy and innovation to build on the strength of this quintessential family business. The firm’s current Managing Director, Charles Cini, continues to use his grandfather as a role model: “He was a man of vision, ahead of his time in understanding the value of quality ingredients as the key driver of nutritious food and ultimately a healthy life”.

It was Charles’ father, Joe Cini, who in 1967 accelerated the transformation of the organisation. He expanded capacity, extending the product range to address a rapidly expanding consumer market. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes were implemented, all under rigorous quality control. Charles’ education on the production floor embedded the twin values of commitment to excellence and an absolute obsession with sourcing only the very best raw materials.

Customer satisfaction is a number one priority

Corporate clients are a key focus area: bespoke manufacturing processes with tailored packaging and labelling address the sophisticated needs of Good Health Foods Ltd.’s expanding range of business customers. The company boasts both domestic and overseas’ contracts reflecting the international standards of the operation, and Charles’ own obsession with a customer-driven ethos. “We work closely with our customers to understand their needs, designing and packaging successful products that drive their growth. The strength of the brand derives from its ability to react to changing market tastes and demands, whilst maintaining a robust, transparent supply chain.”

As a result, Good Health Foods Ltd ensures that only the best possible sources are selected from across the globe. The company offers an extended range of products from beans and pulses, dried fruits, pepper products, to herbs and spices, nuts and seeds, flour and flakes. Special dietary formulas, with controlled sugar and salt ingredients, complement the core product range and address the increasingly demanding needs of today’s health-conscious consumers.

The future is bright: new products, new customers, new markets both at home and abroad

Good Health Foods Ltd benefits from the depth of experience and financial strength that comes from more than 80 years’ experience of manufacturing and production of foodstuffs in Malta. This foundation enables the company to seek further frontiers and develop new markets. A team of dynamic young professionals collaborate both to attract new clients and ensure that the future growth of the company is based on forward-looking product development.

Traditional values unite with modern marketing, production and sourcing practices to embody the Good Health Foods’ brand. Building on a history of consistent success and a long-established reputation for quality and service, the company is perfectly placed to continue its growth strategy. Charles Cini is upbeat about the firm’s prospects: “Never has consumer interest in healthy food and a healthy lifestyle been stronger: Good Health Foods has the ideal balance of products and private labeling capabilities to address this burgeoning opportunity.”